Mohammad Nasir


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    I'm a Computer Science student at Wilfrid Laurier University. With a passion for programming and great curiousity, I thrive on the challenges and excitement that the evolving field of computer science presents. My journey has equipped me to overcome any challange. Whether it's delving into algorithms, coding, or exploring new technologies, I am always eager to broaden my skill set and stay ahead in the tech landscape. I am driven by a strong work ethic, continuous learning, and the belief that technology has the power to shape the future.




  • Experienced programmer in Java, Python, C++, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Skilled at problem-solving and handling various coding tasks.
  • Versatile in the world of software development due to experience with different languages and technologies.

Problem Solving:

  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Debugging code, optimizing algorithms, and finding creative solutions.
  • Approach problems with critical thinking and different perspectives.
  • Enjoy overcoming obstacles by viewing challenges as puzzles.


  • Enjoy working with others.
  • Believe in sharing ideas and listening.
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  • Teamwork and open communication lead to better solutions.
  • Collaboration enhances achievement beyond individual capability.



Password Manager:

I programmed a secure and user-friendly Java-based password manager with a GUI. This applacation enables users to save, retrieve, and generate strong, adjustable-length random passwords. The tool ensures local storage of password data, and the interface allows for easy password saving and retrieval. Some features are password visibility toggle, and clipboard copy option.


Web Scraper:

I'v developed a web scraping program utilizing NodeGui, Typescript, and Node.js. Users input a URL and select HTML tags, with Cheerio for parsing and Axios for queries. The interface includes dropdown menus. Ensures a great user experience with clear data presentation. Demonstrating expertise in front-end development, asynchronous JavaScript, and web scraping.


Minecraft mod:

I'm currently developing a Minecraft mod that expands the industrial side of the game with JSON-powered automation. This mod enhances gameplay by introducing custom-made items and blocks, along with the implementation of random world generation for ores. By leveraging JSON functions, automation within the mod becomes more dynamic and versatile.